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Monique T. Harrington

Romana Kryzanowska
Control, Centering, Concentration,
Precision, Breath and Flow.


Monique Harrington is an expert Pilates instructor with over 20
years of quality, skilled experience in the Pilat
es method. Monique was mentored and certified to teach Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska in 1995 while living in NYC. Romana was a gifted and legendary protégé of Joseph Pilates. Monique is also a former professional ballet, contemporary and Broadway theatre
She has performed with Alvin Ailey, Pennsylvania Ballet and Ann Reinking to name a few. Monique has taught Pilates to professional athletes, the mainstream fitness population, children, pre/post-partum clients and physical therapy patients.
She has assisted Physical therapists and provided therapy to patients upon the request of doctors from The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. Monique is one of a select few & unique Pilates instructors whose teaching still closely adheres to Romana’s authentic teachings of the Pilates method. Upon attaining her Bachelor of Science degree, Monique spent years performing with legendary artists while she rigorously trained and mentored in the Pilates method under Romana’s gifted & watchful eye. Monique’s instruction of the Pilates method is extensive, effective and well informed.


Vitruvian Man
“I chose to share the image of the Vitruvian Man because of Joseph Pilates’ keen interest in the studies of Vitruvius as well as his other various studies of the arts, sciences & humanities. The idea of proportion and symmetry is a unique reflection of the physique that Joseph Pilates was intent on pursuing. Jospeh Pilates was indeed an artist & architect of the body. Ironically, the Pilates method was not designed by Joe for the perfect physique. it was designed to correct Joe's physique and ailing health. When Joe was 9 years old he suffered from asthma & rickets. He applied himself to the research of eastern and western medicine as he sought to create optimum health of mind and body. His research grew to further encompass the study of the arts, nature, extreme sports and ancient civilizations. Joe would succeed in completely transforming his body. Pilates emigrated to America from Germany after WWI and would soon pioneer the first popular western form of mind/body fitness. Pilates is designed to help you maximize your body’s inherent strength and correct any weaknesses after that scaffolding of support is established. It is the ‘yin and Yang’ philosophy of western fitness. In Pilates we see the body's physical strengths and weaknesses as interconnected and interdependent. It is a joy for me to help you get to know your body’s limitless possibilities through the synthesized exercises of the Pilates method. I have a fully equipped Pilates studio with original equipment manufactured in NY by Joseph Pilates’ equipment manufacturer according to his design. Joe was also a carpenter with precision typical of German engineering. Joe was an engineer of the body. He designed and perfected his own exercise equipment to deliver an organic & effective workout. A quality Pilates lesson helps us understand the universe within the body that Joe was just beginning to pioneer. At the end of his life, Joe believed that his work had just begun. I would be honored to share this very special knowledge of health & well being with you as it was passed on to me from Joseph Pilates and my dear teacher Romana Kryzanowska. This website is dedicated to my beautiful, gifted mentor & friend Romana Kryzanowska: June 30, 1923- August 30, 2013.

​'Love All Around’,
(as Romana would say...)

​Monique Harrington